Derby Dust - Piood Derby Weight Lead Canopy

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Model Cars is proud to stock this Piood Derby Weight Lead Canopy by Derby Dust.

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Manufacturer Description

Pinewood Derby Weight
To achieve top speed, your pinewood derby car must weigh-in at the maximum allowable weight (generally 5 ounces). An added advantage is that lead is quite soft, thus it can be easily shaped to fit in the best location on the car.

Some bodies are so thin, there is no real way of installing weight internally. This is a good solution to your problem.

2 inches in length
1.25 inches in width
1/2 inches tall
3.5oz in weight
*Measurements are approx due to different densities of lead supply

Method of install is GLUE on. The bottom of this canpoy is flat. This allows you to adjust the weight to get the perfect Center of Gravity.

Please cover all exposed lead with paint. DO NOT sand lead canopy without proper breathing equipment. Lead dust can be harmful to children. PLEASE TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS. YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED!

HOW TO PAINT LEAD.... HERE IS A GOOD START Painting unprotected or unpainted lead will seal the substrate and prevent it from causing harm. Here we show you how.
1 Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from anything that will interfere with the adhesion of the materials to be applied. Allow to dry.

2 Priming
Prime overall with one full coat of Primer in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Allow a minimum drying time of 1 hour in normal drying conditions.

3 Decoration
For interior projects decorate with two full coats paint in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Allow a minimum of two hours drying time between coats.

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

3.5 ounces Lead Canopy Pinewood Derby Weight Flat Bottom, no mounting lug

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