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Model Cars is proud to list this Piood Derby Wheel Polish Kit - Derby Dust by Derby Dust.

Check out this detailed Piood Derby Wheel Polish Kit - Derby Dust made by Derby Dust and featured by This well reviewed product is currently available - buy securely and safely through us today.

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Wheels NOT included

Simple, no smoke and mirrors. No inflated costs. Guaranteed results. Get fast pinewood derby cars. You can hear and see the difference. Increases speed, decreases overall time on my track around .01-.015 seconds on 30.75 feet measuring distance. No reason you can't get 30+ second spin times with this kit. we do! Definitely a major difference. We added an additional polish step to get that "mirror" finish that everyone wants! No cheap "pipe cleaners" with metal cores utilized. Why would we chance scratching the hub?

If using Krytox GPL-100 or other oil based lube, skip the dry lube treatment step.

Instructions for application are found on our YouTube channel. Some things are better understood in real time video.

Takes about 30 minutes of work, 30 minutes of drying time to complete a wheel set. Great weekend project for the kid.
Drill required for application

Process: Wheels are cleaned, then polishing compound is buffed in with high speed drill and high density natural polishing spears. Use treatment #1 to remove manufacturing cooling flaws. Let dry, then buff out. Apply treatment #2 through same process to bring the surface to a mirror shine.

Once polish is applied, the polished is buff clean and wheel is allowed to dry.

Once dry, the wheel goes through a final buffing process that makes the wheel's bore pop to a nice and shiny surface. Wheels will spin for approx 15 seconds without any lube applied. The polish is that good!

Pinewood derby designed dry lube blend used to coat the surface areas of wheel and axle hub. This lube is designed so that will permanently imbed in the surface of the plastic wheel. It CAN"T be blown off with compressed air once buffed in!


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20x micro bore no scratch buffing spears 4x no scratch cotton swabs 1x Plastic Treatment #1 1x Plastic Treatment #2 1x Inner Hub dry lube treatment YouTube Instructions. Channel: DerbyDust

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