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Model Cars is happy to stock this Bed Prism Spectacles by Dynamic-Living.com.

Assemble this realistic Bed Prism Spectacles made by Dynamic-Living.com and listed by ModelCars.us. This detailed item is currently available - purchase securely and safely through us today.

At this reduced price, Dynamic-Living.com has added some great quality to this Bed Prism Spectacles

Manufacturer Description

This product is great for laying down or if you are unable to sit for long periods of time and want to read or watch t.v. Fits most reading glasses and works great. Only have black in color.

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Enjoy Reading in Bed or Watching TV While Reclining -- Read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain or watch TV in horizontal comfort. Precisely aligned glass prisms show half a page of an average hard-cover book. Bed specs are lightweight - you will hardly know you are wearing them! -- Ideal for traveling or patients in bed. --

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