Elenco - 9483WK Breadboard-Prototype Design Aid

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Model Cars is pleased to offer this 9483WK Breadboard-Prototype Design Aid by Elenco.

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At this reduced price, Elenco has provided some excellent extras to this 9483WK Breadboard-Prototype Design Aid

Manufacturer Description

Breadboard-Prototype Design Aids

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Breadboard with - Terminals: 1,660 test points, 252 separate 5 point terminals, plus 8 horizontal bus lines Binding posts: Three coded black, red, and green Breadboard dimensions: 5 1/4? wide, 8 1/2? long Also includes the JW-70 jumper wire set, made in Taiwan For 30 years Elenco has been using their strong engineering and design skills to develop reliable, affordable electronic test equipment, tools, and educational kits

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