Fujimi - 1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.01Lamborghini Veneno

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ModelCars.us is proud to present this 1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.01Lamborghini Veneno by Fujimi.

Buy this realistic 1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.01Lamborghini Veneno made by Fujimi and featured by ModelCars.us. This well reviewed kit is currently ready to ship - buy securely and safely on ModelCars.us today.

At this reduced price, Fujimi has included some great quality to this 1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.01Lamborghini Veneno

Manufacturer Description

t is Vu~eneno was released and long-awaited from Fujimi Have been able to kit well a complex shape , even the edge sharp is quite impressive Engagement of the parts to each other is also good , including the clear parts and doors open or closed . Manual also was kind . I can make easily than La Ferrari Tamiya came out recently because there is no funny dividing line in the body , given the shaping and painting . The only potential drawback , what decals that have been prepared in a red stripe for a key point in the vehicle design is difficult . Fortunately the quality of the decal is so good , it went well and Attach them with care . ( Because it is a difficult point in the paint anyway ) . After engine reproduction is the contents of the extra degree . Although much may be without it is not seen at all and once you make ... I think whether the contents and say " kit " per Fujimi is recent .

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Product introduction Vu~eneno super car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year Lamborghini to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding. It was named after the legendary bull whose name means "poison" in Spanish. Was midship-mounted 6.5-liter V-12 cylinder engine that exhibits the highest output 750ps to the body of carbon fiber, "Lamborghini fastest ever". I have reproduced in 1/24 the super rare car to be produced in only three only in the world! Scale 1/24 Model number RS-1 Yes prefabricated The main plastic material

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