HOBBY BOSS PLASTIC MODELS - 1/35 Land Rover Wolf W MIK 4X4 Truck

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ModelCars.us is pleased to list this 1/35 Land Rover Wolf W MIK 4X4 Truck by HOBBY BOSS PLASTIC MODELS.

Gift this detailed 1/35 Land Rover Wolf W MIK 4X4 Truck made by HOBBY BOSS PLASTIC MODELS and carried by ModelCars.us. This interesting item is currently in stock - purchase securely and safely on ModelCars.us today.

At this great price, HOBBY BOSS PLASTIC MODELS has included some great details to this 1/35 Land Rover Wolf W MIK 4X4 Truck

Manufacturer Description

1/35 Hobby Boss Models Defender XD Wolf W.M.I.K.

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Manufacturer Item #: 82446 Precision ASSEMBLY & PAINTING REQUIRED plastic model kit with parts mounted on sprues For young adults & adults. KEEP ALL MODEL KIT PARTS AND TOOLS AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREDN Requires glue, paint, and basic model building tools (All sold separately). Hobby Boss Customer Sevice Contact: 800-527-7427

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1-35 Scale. Militarized version of the Land Rover Defender 110 4x4 Truck Utility Medium, reconnaissance and close fire support variant with 'Weapons Mount Installation Kit'. Model features well detailed chassis (frame, full 300 Tdi engine, drivetrain and suspension), driver and fighting compartment interiors, vinyl tires, separate hood and on-vehicle equipment, WMIL roll cage, PSP panel, detailed weapons (ring mounted 12.7 mm heavy MG, pintle mounted FN MAG 7.62 mm GPMG and 2 rack mounted L85 rifles), plus photo-etch parts (grille, bustle mesh, straps and headlight brush guards). Decals and color painting guide for 2 British Army vehicle schemes - includes dash panel, placards and registration plates.

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