Mercury Adhesives - M300 Med Viscosity CA Glue, 2oz

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Our Product Description is proud to offer this M300 Med Viscosity CA Glue, 2oz by Mercury Adhesives.

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Manufacturer Description

Superglue (CA) has a shelf life. Did you know that? In order to guarantee the freshness of our adhesives, Mercury Adhesives refuses to use Amazon PRIME. How long has that superglue been sitting on an Amazon Warehouse shelf? We don't know, but we know the age of our glues. Mercury Adhesives is the ONLY superglue manufacturer with an unconditional guarantee! DESCRIPTION: Mercury M300M Instant is a medium viscosity cyanoacrylate developed for demanding high speed wicking applications. Excellent adhesion and cure speed on difficult to bond plastics and rubbers and contaminated or acidic surfaces. APPLICATIONS: High performance wicking and bonding of close-fitting parts incuding: plastics, rubbers, metal, wood, leather, fabric and composites to themselves or in various combinations.

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Made in the USA! Specially designed no-clog cap 3 different points of seal to assure the product inside is kept fresh

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