Pinewood Pro - Piood Derby PRO Axle Inserter Guide

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Model Cars is proud to stock this Piood Derby PRO Axle Inserter Guide by Pinewood Pro.

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The PRO Axle Inserter Guide from Pinewood Pro helps you insert your axle into the pre-cut pinewood derby axle slot on your car block. Pinewood Pro's exclusive patent pending design is a one piece axle guide that slips into the pre-cut slot on your block. No need for extra tools or adjustments. Just hold the Guide on your derby block by pressing your thumb into the small depression, inert your axle into the slot, then turn the block on its side and press the down to slide the axle in. The PRO Axle Inserter Guide includes a built-in wheel spacer to you give you perfect spacing so your wheels don't bind or wobble. Perfect spacing and straight insertion = a faster car!

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Easily align pinewood derby axle in pre-cut slot and get perfect wheel spacing with one-piece axle guide Axle Guide rib is concave so your axle slides straight in Thumb depression makes it easy to hold Axle Guide in place Wheel spacer gives you the perfect wheel spacing to avoid wheel wobble One piece construction with built-in wheel spacer. No extra tools needed.

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