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Manufacturer Description

Tungsten is the best weight for your pinewood derby car because it allows you to pack more weight in a smaller area giving you more flexibility in your car design and more accurate weight placement for speed.

  • ¬†Package contains eight 3/8" diameter cylinders with chamfored edges for easy insertion.¬† The four .5oz cylinders are .44" long, two .3oz cylinders are .27" long and two .2oz cylinders are .18" long.
  • The variable weights allow you more accurate weighting of your car.
  • Drill a standard 3/8" holes in your car, insert the weights you need and cover the hole with wood putty so your weights are hidden in the car.
  • Total weight of the 8 cylinders is 3 ounces.¬†

(Note to metallurgists: These cylinders are Class 3 tungsten, 95% pure. It is an alloy of 95% pure tungsten, 5% nickel and iron.)

With this package of incremental weights you will be on your way to a fast pinewood derby car.

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Tungsten cylinders are small, about 1/3 size of zinc! Gives you precise placement of weight in your car for speed Maximum car design flexibility cyclinders are 3/8" diameter (standard drill bit size) and only 15/32" long non-toxic, safe for children

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