Pinewood Pro - PRO Piood Derby Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

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Our Product Description is pleased to offer this PRO Piood Derby Wheel Bore Polishing Kit by Pinewood Pro.

Buy this realistic PRO Piood Derby Wheel Bore Polishing Kit made by Pinewood Pro and listed by This detailed kit is currently available - purchase securely and safely through us today.

At this price, Pinewood Pro has included some excellent extras to this PRO Piood Derby Wheel Bore Polishing Kit

Manufacturer Description

Just like polishing your pinewood derby axles, you want the wheel bore to be smooth and polished to reduce friction when your wheel turns. The axle / wheel contact point is the biggest source of friction on a pinewood derby car. Reduce friction in this area and your car will go faster.

The PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit from Pinewood Pro includes a special plastic polish, PRO Graphite, and six cotton spears that are perfectly sized for your pinewood derby wheel bore. One end of the cotton spear is stiff so you can chuck it in your drill while the other end is a soft, yet compact cotton swap that is perfectly sized for a pinewood derby wheel bore diameter.

How to use the PRO Wheel Bore Polishing Kit
  1.  Put some plastic polish on the cotton swab, insert the swab and polish away.
  2.  Wash out your wheels thoroughly and repeat the process with graphite on a clean swab with graphite to polish the bore with graphite.

Simple, fast and proven to increase your car speed! Bore polish cotton spears fit Cub Scout BSA Wheel bores and Awana Grand Prix Wheel bores.

Package includes
  • Bottle of plastic polish
  • Six cotton spears
  • Dry powdered PRO Graphite from Pinewood Pro
  • Instruction sheet

Designed and Engineered by the Pro's at Pinewood Pro, winning races for over 15 years.

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Polish Pinewood Derby Wheel Bore to remove imperfections A smooth, polished wheel bore increases car speed Coat wheel bore with graphite to increase car speed further Includes bore polish, cotton spears, tube of dry powdered PRO Graphite and instruction sheet

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