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Model Cars is proud to offer this Revell 85-4320 Ford Bronco Model Car Kit by Revell.

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The original Ford Bronco could be considered to be ahead of its time. It was Ford's first compact SUV vehicle, a category which has become so popular today. The Bronco remained basically unchanged from 1966 to 1977, and has extended to 5 generations. Based on a 92 inch wheelbase, the first Bronco was intended as an off-road multi-purpose truck with 4 wheel drive. The base price was under $2,200 when it was introduced. The original Bronco offered a long list of options, but still remained a very basic vehicle. It was designed with a clear sheet, and unlike the Mustang, it did not use an existing platform. There were two engines to choose from, a straight 6 cylinder or a more powerful small block V-8, and three body styles, a wagon, a half-cab or a roadster. Other options included such things as a swing-a-way spare tire and bench-style back seat.

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