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DUCO CEMENT MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE CRAFT & HOME GLUE 1 FL Oz ~LOT OF 2 TUBES Click here to Enlarge Click to Enlarge ~ ~ Brand New, Factory Fresh! ~ ~ Lot of 2 tubes Duco Cement Multi-Purpose Adhesive Duco is a vinyl based adhesive that works well with a variety of materials. It has a somewhat strong odor, due to the acetone solvent that makes it thin and syrupy - (acetone is commonly used in fingernail polishes and removers). It's great for acrylic, vinyl plastics, and styrene plastics. It works well on wood and paper, and can bond ceramics and pottery fairly well. I typically use it for model building, art projects, woodworking projects, and quick repairs around the house. The solvent is relatively quick-drying, not as immediate as super glues, but often faster than white glues. One unusual use for Duco is in bonding together broken fossils. Duco and other vinyl-based glues are widely used in museums for putting together fossils that have been extracted from rock, often in crumbles. These adhesives are easily thinned with acetone to a watery consistency, which allows them to soak deep into the fossils and bond them together. Vinyl adhesives have a further advantage of doing no permanent harm to the fossils, since they can be soaked and the adhesive completely dissolved away in the case of a fossil having been incorrectly assembled. What does this mean for the average user? Duco can similarly be used to bond decomposing woods, such as the edge of a sash that has suffered water damage. Scrape off the paint, mix a watery batch of Duco and acetone, soak it into the wood with a natural fiber paint brush, allow it to dry, apply again if needed. Patch any gaps with filler, then sand and paint. Duco and any other solvent-based adhesives will not work on certain plastics, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Great on... China Vases Plastic Wood Metal Crafts Made in U.S.A.

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