Walnut Hollow - Walnut Hollow 3 Piece Clock Kit 1/4"

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Model Cars is proud to offer this Walnut Hollow 3 Piece Clock Kit 1/4" by Walnut Hollow.

Gift this detailed Walnut Hollow 3 Piece Clock Kit 1/4" made by Walnut Hollow and featured by ModelCars.us. This well reviewed model is currently available - get securely and safely through us today.

At this price, Walnut Hollow has added some nice details to this Walnut Hollow 3 Piece Clock Kit 1/4"

Manufacturer Description

Walnut HOLLOW-Quartx clock movements. The clock movements offer watchmaker's accuracy and dependability. They are suitable for repair or restoration of all kinds of clocks from mantel clocks to cuckoo clocks to simple wall clocks. Create your own unique timekeeper with a walnut hollow wood clock surface (not included). This package contains one quartz clock assembly: movements for surfaces 1/4in thick three hands and self-adhesive numbers. Requires one aa battery (not included). Imported.

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Replacement clock parts Make a new clock Gold clock hands and numerals Quartz clock movement Self adhesive numerals

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