Walnut Hollow - Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Alphabet Set

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Model Cars is pleased to offer this Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Alphabet Set by Walnut Hollow.

Buy this detailed Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Alphabet Set made by Walnut Hollow and featured by ModelCars.us. This well reviewed kit is currently available - buy securely and safely through us today.

At this great price, Walnut Hollow has added some excellent extras to this Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Alphabet Set

Manufacturer Description

These 26 letters can be used to brand or personalize almost anything including paper, card, fabric, leather, wood, paper mache, gourds and nuts. Use the letters as stamps to create a variety of fun patterns or to add your name, initials, words or phrase to any project. The individual metal letters are designed to fit any of the Walnut Hollow Hot Tools which are available for purchase from Amazon (38283 Versa Tool, 5570 Value Woodburner, 24414 Detailer and 28094 Hobby Tool). Simply screw-in the letter into the tool, allow to heat and add burn the letter into your project. The letters are approximately 5/8-inches (16mm) tall and the width will vary with each letter. The letters simply screw into the tool and pliers should be used for removing hot letters. Be careful not to bend the thread while hot as the thread may snap off in the tool. The letters can be used cold on all types of clay but they should be cleaned immediately after use. Be ready to brand and personalize anything by adding all there sets to your hobby toolbox (Alphabet Upper Case #26162, Alphabet lowercase # 41004 and Numbers & Symbols # 27399).

Type, Scale, Skill Level, and details

Letters A through Z Letter height 0.625" Use with any Walnut Hollow hot tool Ideal for wood and paper Letters screw on and off easily

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