Walnut Hollow - Walnut Hollow Pedulum Clock Movement, Large

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Manufacturer Description

This pendulum movement will fit a surface that is up to 3/4-inches (19mm) thick. It is ideal to repair a treasured clock or even to design your own pendulum clock to decorate your home or as a gift. Almost anything you can drill a 3/8-inch (9.5mm) diameter hole in, can be turned into a clock if there is room for the pendulum. The most important thing is to select a movement that closely matches the thickness of the piece you are using to make a clock; this one has a shaft length of 3/4-inches (19mm) and so will fit a surface up to that thickness. The minute hand is approximately 2-inches (50.8mm) long, the hour hand is approximately 1.25-inches (50.8mm) long and the Pendulum is 9.625-inches (244.5mm) long. The motor swings the pendulum in a natural looking arc. The quart movement requires a AA battery which is not included which also. Full assembly instructions are supplied.

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Replacement clock parts Make a new clock 9 - 5/8" Pendulum Length Quartz clock movement Built-in hanger

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