Supplies you will need to build a model car

To build your model car, you are very likely going to need some supplies unless you are doing a snap-together skill level 1 model. Your first purchase of supplies will probably cost more than you spend on your model, but you should be able to use most of your supplies on multiple models.

Nothing is more frustrating than beginning your new model only to find out you don't have the supplies you need. Then you have to make another trip to the store, or wait for your package to arrive for an online purchase. We will cover all of the basic supplies and tools and give you some advice on which ones to use:

1. Keeping it together: Glue, Cement, Epoxy

Which type of glue to use for building a model car is one of the most commonly asked questions. There are hundreds of different cements, glues and adhesives that can work.



2. Adding Color: Paints - types and applications

3. There is a tool for that: Knives, cutters, clamps and more

4. Details and Pro Touches: Expert Level tools and add ons