Model Building Guide

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Want to build your first model car, or maybe make your first attempt at a really quality model? You might feel a bit overwhelmed walking through a hobby store aisle looking at the thousands of choices, various skill levels, different brands, prices and more. This guide can help you make your decisions a little easier. Maybe you already have your model and just don't know where to start. This guide is here to get you started on your way to enjoying a hobby that many before you have tried and loved.

Model building is a challenging hobby that rewards patience and attention to detail. The perfect model should mesmerize the observer as they study the intricate details and smooth finishes, seeing the model as an almost perfect miniature of the original car.

Feel free to go from start to finish with us, or skip around using the table of contents below. We have attempted to break the material down into logical sections that you can refer back to as you build your model car.

Table of Contents:

1. Model Selection

2. Supplies

3. Work Area

4. Beginning Your Model

5. Part Preparation

6. Dry Fitting

7. Gluing

8. Painting

9. Wheels and Glass

10. Finishing Touches

11. Displaying Your Model

12. Conclusion and Resources

We hope you learn a lot from the free information we have provided here. Don't forget to do some shopping when you are done. We have lots of great model kits and some pre-selected bundles that will contain all of the paints and supplies you need to complete the kit.

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